ViPNet for Healthcare

Healthcare Cyber Security Challenges

Compared to other industries, healthcare is typically considered more vulnerable to cyber attack. Cyber threats are growing, becoming more targeted and increasingly sophisticated. Healthcare recordsrepresent an extremely attractive and valuable target for hackers because they contain sensitive medical information, full identities, financial account numbers, and identifiers like Social Security numbers — all in one place.

In addition to protecting patient records and the associated privacy and security issues, there is an increasing imperative to protect care-critical Medical Devices often with significant security vulnerabilities. Security breaches of Critical Healthcare infrastructure and resultant service interruptions involve wide ranging risks which can have significant operational, financial and care delivery impacts even to the point of potentially harming patients.

Recent high profile breaches and the need to comply with regulation such as HIPPA, 45CFR164.308 are fueling many improvement initiatives, however, a number of factors add to the challenges of providing robust Healthcare Cyber Security. The complex distributed, interconnected computing environment offers multiple cyber attack vectors. The combination of extremely sophisticated technology at point of delivery and increasingly connected / digital health approaches with legacy medical devices never designed with security in mind as well as legacy healthcare systems infrastructure creates a Pandora’s box of vulnerabilities.

A quarter of all data breaches this year will be in the Healthcare Industry **

Healthcare operators need to find new and innovative ways to effectively improve their Cyber Security without costly disruption to service delivery.

Robust, Complete, Multi-layer, Cost-Effective Security

The Secure Cyber Circuits Cyber Security and Threat Intelligence Platform gives healthcare providers the ability to make significant and cost-effective cyber security improvements and achieve HIPPA compliance with minimal operational risk and service disruption.

The flexible ViPNet solutions from Infotecs seamlessly integrate with existing networks allowing you to close today’s vulnerabilities while building a future proof secure platform. They enable you to dramatically improve security without impeding clinicians’ easy, reliable access to critical systems. ViPNet provides complete, multi-layer security in one costeffective, modular solution. ViPNet helps Healthcare IT professionals achieve the right balance between high security, low complexity and low risk all while improving service delivery and efficiency.

The Secure Cyber Circuits Cyber Security and Threat Management Platformsupports a variety of information security needs from Network Security, Mobile Security, Cloud Security, Secure Unified Communications, Secure Collaboration and Security for the Internet of Things (IoT). The ViPNet Solutions encompasses multiple functional areas including:

Benefits of ViPNet

■ Robust, Rock-Solid, Certified Security
■ Scalable, Flexible, Centrally Managed
■ Easy to deploy and maintain
■ Seamlessly integrates into existing networks

Example Healthcare Cyber Solutions

Some of the solution areas where ViPNet can add value for Healthcare organizations:

■ Cost-Effective and Highly Secure Medical Systems Infrastructure: Network Security, Cloud Security.
■ Secure Mobile Communications including secure voice for first responders i.e. Ambulance, EMTs etc. and mobile clinicians.
■ Secure Voice Over IP Communication
■ Secure Remote Access to critical systems & data.
■ Secure Remote Monitoring.
■ Secure Digital Collaboration including EHR EMR, patient records, ordering supplies, processing insurance claims and billing.
■ Enable Secure, Connected, Collaborative, Digital Service Delivery and Patient Care.
■ Secure Video / Patient Observation.
■ Threat Detection / Management (Instant notification of security non-compliance).
■ Securing Medical Devices and Embedded Systems.
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Secure Cyber Circuits partners with some of the most reliable specialists in the healthcare industry to implement cyber solutions which deliver maximum value at minimal risk. Contact us to explore how we could help your organization make significant and cost-effective cyber security improvements to close today’s vulnerabilities and start building a future proof secure platform for the tough challenges ahead.