ViPNet Connect

Protected Unified Communications

ViPNet Connect real-time communication software for mobile and desktop empowers corporate workers and executives, keeping them connected and productive on the move, from any location. ViPNet Connect provides continuous connectivity, true mobility and portability for secure instant communications. ViPNet Connect works
with ViPNet Client for Android to deliver unparalleled freedom and flexibility enabling business people to be one click away from the office and ensuring effective yet highly secure real-time communications anytime, anywhere.

ViPNet Connect sets you free

It provides fast and reliable real-time communications enabling you to be productive from anywhere.

True mobility

ViPNet Connect provides true mobility to the corporate employees who need to work efficiently from anywhere: office, hotel, conference, or offsite meeting. The mobile app is not tied to any specific operator, not banded to tariffs, supports fast processing speed, and operates seamlessly on any network, including 2G, 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi. In addition, it supports automatic switching between networks, providing a seamless user experience to corporate workers. ViPNet Connect provides business people with a whole range of new possibilities keeping them updated and productive on the go.

Peer-to-peer communication

ViPNet Connect users exchange encrypted traffic directly, using peer-to-peer approach. The voice traffic or text message exchange requires no intermediary servers that would store or decrypt data. This eliminates bottlenecks and removes associated vulnerabilities. As long as there is no centralized corporate or service provider’s server routing the traffic, there is no need to provide a high-throughput communication channel for it. Secure peer-to-peer communication also makes it impossible to mistakenly send sensitive internal only messages to external users. Only ViPNet users are authorized to view the data exchange. Secure Cyber Circuits peer-to-peer approach makes efficient and seamless secure mobile communications attainable.

All-in-one solution

ViPNet Connect frees you from using multiple apps for communication. ViPNet Connect supports telephony, messaging, file exchange, video- and audio-conferencing1. This all-in-one communication tool lets you simplify usage, administration and maintenance and reduce cost. With ViPNet Connect you save time and money by using one solution for all your secure mobile communication needs. 


ViPNet Connect ensures seamless user experience. Simple and appealing interfaces with familiar layouts improve the ease and speed of user adoption while increasing user productivity and satisfaction.


Supported operating systems           Windows, Android, OS X2
Supported connection channels        Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, 4G
Ciphering algorithm                         AES (VPN encryption)
Required software environment        Pre-installed ViPNet Client software compatible with the used operating system

1 Video, file exchange, and conferencing will be available in future versions of ViPNet Connect.