ViPNet StateWatcher

ViPNet StateWatcher allows you to monitor status of ViPNet hosts and active network equipment on your corporate network. ViPNet StateWatcher Monitoring Server collects and analyzes health data and ViPNet software status from monitored hosts, and then notifies ViPNet administrators about the most important events on the network.


■ The Monitoring Server periodically polls monitored hosts and collects the necessary data.

■ Device health data (like disk and RAM usage, CPU load, etc.) can be collected from ViPNet hosts and active network equipment over the SNMP protocol.
■ Additionally, ViPNet hosts report status of ViPNet software components.

Data processing

■ To analyze the collected data, you can use predefined processing rules or create custom rules.
■ Specify custom processing rules by using a rule constructor or a special language, which implements basic logical operators.
■ As a result of data analysis, monitoring events are detected and logged to a database. Each event is assigned a severity level.

Monitored hosts and groups

■ Monitor any host on your ViPNet network.
■ Combine monitored hosts in groups and assign processing rules to them, or filter event notifications by host groups.
■ Use an integrated map to view the geographic
location of each host.


■ Receive notifications about detected events in the web interface or via ViPNet Business Mail, email, orSMS text.
■ Configure notification settings for each event severity level. For example, you can enable SMS notification for critical events and disable notification for informational events.
■ Create filters to sort notifications by hosts or host groups. With notification filters, you can configure ViPNet StateWatcher administrators and users to receive notifications about events on particular host.


■ You can manage ViPNet StateWatcher via a web interface from any ViPNet host.
■ ViPNet StateWatcher may be managed by several users and administrators with personal accounts.
■ Users have permission to monitor events on hosts.
■ Administrators have permission to select hosts for monitoring, configure processing rules, notifications,
and user accounts.
00109-04 102 01 RUS

System Requirements

Monitoring server

OS: Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008.
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or another x86-compatible processor of similar parameters.
RAM: minimum 4 GB (8 GB if you monitor more than 20,000 hosts).
ViPNet Client 4.0 or later.
Third-party software (included in the distribution): Apache Tomcat web server,
PostgreSQL DBMS, Oracle Java SE Development Kit.

Monitored hosts

ViPNet Client or ViPNet Coordinator for Windows (4.0 or later),
ViPNet Coordinator HW/VA appliance (2.0 or later).
On hosts without ViPNet Software, the Windows SNMP Service should be

Web interface access

ViPNet Client (any version).
Adobe Flash Player web browser plug-in.