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Enterprise-Grade Security for Mobile

MGVPN Client for Android protects corporate workers with Android-based mobile devices from internal and external cyberattacks, which could compromise the security of sensitive corporate data and threaten the privacy of business communications. The rock-solid encryption, implemented in MGVPN Client for Android, secures the endpoint, encrypts the channel, and prevents unauthorized access to the mobile device. MGVPN Client for Android combines robust security with reliability and performance, giving mobile users confidence and peace of mind while freeing them to solve important business issues.

Robust security

MGVPN Client for Android protects your device from cyberattacks and ensures that your data is protected from being intercepted or modified. The mobile app encrypts all your mobile device’s traffic and directs it through your organization’s traffic control area where it is filtered and scanned for malware and other threats.

By implementing advanced security features such as mandatory protection and blocked access to public app stores you can guarantee compliance to requirements for top security environments. MGVPN Client for Android is the right solution for extra reliable security.

True mobility, high productivity

Mobile users are more productive when they have reliable, easy to use, security tools. MGVPN Client for Android delivers robust, enterprise grade security for mobile without compromising on usability or performance to keep you safe and set you free. It transparently encrypts data and traffic, supports fast processing speed for seamless user experience and resiliency and at the same time requires minimum user intervention. Security launches simultaneously with the operating system and switching between networks and reconnections happen automatically. Users can stop worrying about managing their connections and devices and focus on what really matters.

MGVPN Client for Android keeps you safe

It delivers robust, enterprise grade security for mobile without compromising on usability or performance.

Suitable for BYOD

For corporate workers who use their mobile devices both for private and business needs MGVPN Client for Android can separate personal and business traffic. This option reduces the load on corporate servers, keeps costs down while improving speed and performance. It gives mobile users a secure connection whenever necessary and helps companies implement their BYOD policies with confidence.

Ease and speed adoption

MGVPN Client for Android is easy to use. It provides background processing, transparent encryption, simple and appealing interfaces. MGVPN Client for Android smoothly integrates into corporate workflows and provides reliable security for end-users. This improves the ease and speed of user adoption as well as achieves higher levels of user satisfaction.


Supported operating systems          Android OS versions 4.x and 5.x
Supported connection channels        2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi
Ciphering algorithm                       AES-256

** "ViPNet" is a current SCC product name which is in development to be renamed "MGVPN Pro" for our next generation technology.