ViPNet Business Mail

Protected Corporate Mail

ViPNet Business Mail is a component of ViPNet Client for Windows intended for protected communication of ViPNet

ViPNet Business Mail is a special peer-to-peer mail system. ViPNet Business Mail ensures guaranteed delivery of files and text messages and their non-repudiation by recipients. Moreover, the program provides automation tools for processing of files and text messages.


■ The data of all ViPNet Business Mail users is protected against unauthorized access. Files and messages are transferred and stored in an encrypted form, so that they can be read only after authentication (one-factor or two-factor).
■ ViPNet Business Mail ensures integrity and authenticity of transferred data and prevents users from denial of having accepted their incoming files.


■ Your workflow in ViPNet Business Mail is similar to working in any other mail client.
■ ViPNet Business Mail uses transport and information protection tools of ViPNet Client. Files and messages are transferred over ViPNet network channels according to the peer-to-peer principle.
■ You can configure notifications about current state of sent files and messages.
■ You can automate processing of incoming files and messages and use a unique mechanism for processing the outgoing files.

Installation and Management

■ ViPNet Business Mail is installed as a component of ViPNet Client for Windows.
■ The ViPNet network administrator manages keys and address book of each ViPNet Business Mail user in compliance with the corporate security policy.


ViPNet Business Mail works with a variety of encryption and digital signature algorithms. The list of available algorithms depends on the cryptographic service providers installed on your computer.

Native cryptographic service provider ViPNet CSP is installed automatically together with ViPNet Business Mail. ViPNet CSP calls cryptographic functions over Microsoft CryptoAPI interface.

Supported cryptographic service providers and digital signature algorithms

Cryptographic service provider       Encryption               Digital signature

Microsoft Base Cryptographic Provider

Microsoft Base Smart Card Crypto Provider

Microsoft Enhanced Cryptographic Provider   

Microsoft Strong Cryptographic Provider


RSA (hash algorithms SHA1 and SHA2,

key length from 1536 to 2048 bits)